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Thank you for stopping by our website and your interest in our entertainment services. You are seconds from taking the first step to a fun and memorable wedding reception. You can request our pricing and promotional information through the link below and it will be emailed to you instantly.


Audio Dimensions takes a unique approach to D.J. pricing in order to fit any entertainment budget. Most D.J. services have a flat rate company wide for their services. The same rate is quoted for the "new guy" or the "old guy" which may (or may not) be a good thing all in an effort to be consistent. However, in spite of Audio Dimensions' (or any other company for that matter) continued dedication to training, growth, and consistency, every DJ is truly unique with varying degrees of talent, experience, and customer demand. Because of this, Audio Dimensions' disc jockeys are priced based on talent, experience, and customer demand. There are other considerations that go into pricing. In addition to individual dj pricing, other factors affect price like time of year and day of week. For example, you'll get a better price for a Sunday wedding reception in January than a Saturday wedding reception in June so click below to get your pricing and promotion pdf and find out for yourself why Audio Dimensions continues "setting the trend in midwest music entertainment!" 

I promise that you will love what you see. If you pay attention to the information and read it in detail, then I guarantee you are on your way to having a fun wedding and reception! 

Now, if you are like most people, you might be thinking, Okay, I’ll finish this when I get a chance. But can you really afford to put it off. After all, the longer you wait, the less choices you will have when it comes to planning your wedding. I can assure you that the best choices will be the first to fill-up.

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